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cul·tuur (de; v; meervoud: culturen)

het geheel van normen, waarden, tradities, regels, kunstuitingen enz. van een land, volk of groep; = beschaving: eetcultuur, wooncultuur


The Netherlands is a country full of diversity. The ability to consciously and effectively communicate with people whose culture is different from your own is essential.

Cultural differences exist on all levels, from a wide perspective to a small one. Migration, different social background, different regions within Holland, different religions, subcultures...... The nest we came from brings us uniqueness and is part of who we are and how we experience this world.

Anaïs Nin - We don't see the world as it is, we see the world as we are

More than 25% of our total Dutch population is foreign-born, or the child of migrated or mixed parents. On paper, confirmed by these figures, this is the new normal. In 20 years from now we will all be related to a foreign-born ancestor. If you would check your ethnicity and heritage by DNA you would be surprised by the outcome and discover what all the years of history brought to our country!



Probably 1/4 of your employees, or even more, are from complete different backgrounds. And still this is not something we invest in in terms of education and training. I do think it is a priority and could prevent many misunderstandings I see frequently when working as a trainer-mediator.

Inclusion and diversity are a main pillar of psychological safety within an organisation. 


I developed a training that provides a set of tools to become aware of the starting point: understanding your own norms, values, beliefs, culture and gain insight in the culture of the other so that you can respond respectfully while maintaining your individuality.


Holland is one of the world's largest exporters meaning you probably deal with different cultures on a daily base!


Please contact me if you would like to invest in developing the cultural sensitivity within your organization!



I am fluent in Dutch, French and English. 

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